CNODDT Will Present Symphony Concert Dance of the Century

China National Opera and Dance Drama Theatre (CNODDT) Symphony Orchestra rehearsed for large symphony concert Dance of the Century on the morning of September 1. Tao Cheng, President of CNODDT, watched the rehearsal on the spot.

Tao Cheng, President of CNODDT

After listening to the performance of our symphony orchestra, Mr. Tao made a mobilization speech by saying, “The national art troupe performance season that we will take a part is an important event. CNODDT arranged the symphony orchestra to participate in the event on its behalf through deliberations. On the one hand, the symphony orchestra is an important component of our theater and can reflect our overall strength; On the other hand, the event is actually an important test for our symphony orchestra to perform with other national orchestras on the same stage. I’m very confident after listening to your performance!”

Rehearsal Spot

Mr. Tao also noted, “Despite many performances and consecutive rehearsals recently, all of performers still have a good mental state. In this event, we also invite world-class percussionist Mr. Li Biao in our team, which is a good opportunity for us to learn from him and make improvements.”

World-Renowned Percussionist Li Biao (Left)

The orchestra will make continuous progress based on its long-term accumulations, during which period performers’ mental state is a key factor. Particularly, in such an important event, we must show the high spiritual demeanor of our symphony orchestra.

Wu Xuhai, President of China Opera and Dance Drama Theatre Symphony Orchestra

Having listened to Mr. Tao’s mobilization speech, Wu Xuhai, President of the symphony orchestra, said to all cast members, “Thanks Mr. Tao for his mobilization speech and other leaders for their cares in all aspects. I hope we will live up to their expectations by successfully completing the performance task Dance of the Century on September 4.

Rehearsal clips