Musical Jiao Yulu Shows Moving Stories

China National Opera and Dance Drama Theatre (CNODDT) Opera Troupe successfully completed the premiere performance of its original musical Jiao Yulu at Shanghai Gymnasium on the evening of August 28.

In musical Jiao Yulu, famous actor Li Xuejian who played Jiao Yulu in Movie Jiao YuLu served as Art Director; Jiao Yulu’s second daughter Jiao Shouyun served as artistic adviser; Jiao Yulu’s grandson and baritone soloist Yu Yin played Jiao Yulu. On the evening, Ms. Jiao Shouyun also watched the performance. After the performance of the more than 40 original songs, performers of CNODDT won good praises and warm applauses from audiences.

Zhu Yalin, Deputy President of CNODDT Opera Troupe, Plays Jiao Yulu

This year is the 50th anniversary for the death of Jiao Yulu. Musical Jiao Yulu is presented to carry forward Jiao Yulu’s spirits and touch audiences with true details and emotions, with a strong educational significance at present. The musical consists of six parts: Memories under a Paulownia Tree, Winter in Lankao, New Changes of the World, I Am a Son of Lankao, Spring in Lankao and End. It shows Jiao Yulu’s moving stories during his tenure as Secretary of the CPC Lankao County Committee, particularly his leadership in fighting against water-logging, sandstorms and salinization damage, fearless and unconquerable spirits in the face of difficulties and selfless efforts at his post even with cancer, so as to reveals the unpretentious, people-first, struggling, unconquerable and self-giving spirits of a good Party cadre.

Performance Spot

Musical Jiao Yulu has attracted wide attentions and won favors ever since its premiere performance in Beijing and been presented for 38 times in Henan. Subsequently, it came to the third station—Shanghai. The musical will go on a tour in China to spread the moving stories of the people's good cadre.