National Art Troupe Performance Season Starts with Dance Drama Confucius

China National Opera and Dance Drama Theatre (CNODDT) Dance Drama Troupe presented large original dance drama Confucius at Beijing Poly Theatre on the evening of August 21, which is the first performance of 2014 national art troupe performance season. Dong Wei, Vice Minister of Ministry of Culture, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech; Leaders of relevant units, e.g. ministry of finance, State Ethnic Affairs Commission and China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and principals of national art academies and troupes were also invited to the opening ceremony.

Ever since the launch of the national art troupe performance season in 2010, Ministry of Culture has successfully held four sessions so far. Under great supports of all walks of life and relevant departments, national art troupes have held fast their artistic ideals, created the national artistic image, adhered to the reform and development and made innovations; As a result, they have released more than 130 excellent works, forged a large number of outstanding artists, attracted extensive attentions from domestic and foreign counterparts and aroused a good social response.

2014 national art troupe performance season features wide themes, various forms and rich contents and gathers repertoires of national art troupes as well as innovative performances themed on Chinese dream. In the market and audience-oriented principle, the national art troupe performance season will continuously provide high-quality people-benefiting services at low prices, with the aim to share the reform and development outcomes of national art troupes.

He added, “Since the 18th CPC National Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping has given a series of important speeches to define the reform and development orientation of cultural undertakings. We should earnestly study and implement the Party's tenets and create more and better satisfying artistic works that reflect the national spirit and the spirit of the time, so as to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation to make our due contributions to the Chinese dream of great rejuvenation.”

Dance Drama Confucius

Next, Mr. Dong Wei announced the official opening of 2014 national art troupe performance season. Amid audiences' warm applause, CNODDT Dance Drama Troupe presented large original dance drama Confucius, which consists of prelude Query, Troubled Times, Exhausted, Dream Back, Sacrifice for Righteousness and epilogue Happiness. In moving music and splendid limelight, young dancers showed their excellent skills and talents.

As the opening performance of 2014 national art troupe performance season, large original dance drama Confucius expressed Confucius’ pleasure, anger, sorrow and joy by dancing and his inner world with rich music melodies and stage images. The whole dance drama contains profound contemporary value and Chinese spirits and reveals the creative courage and cultural responsibilities of national art troupes.

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