CNODDT Presents Performances at the Closing Ceremony China-ASEAN Cultural Exchange Year

As "2014 China-ASEAN Cultural Exchange Year" was recently completed, Vice Chinese President Li Yuanchao, at the invitation of U NyanTun, Vice President of Burma, attended the closing ceremony of "2014 China-ASEAN Cultural Exchange Year" in Burma during December 16 and 17.

Art troupes from all countries took part in the closing ceremony of the large cultural exchange activity. After the selection of the Ministry of Culture, China National Opera and Dance Drama Theatre (CNODDT) Dance Drama Troupe participated in the performance on behalf of China; CNODDT President Tao Cheng led the delegation.

Ever since China and ASEAN started the dialogue process in 1991, both parties have constantly expanded and deepened cooperation in all fields. Along with the significant development in their cultural exchanges and cooperation in recent years, China and ASEAN member states have constantly enhanced their mutual cultural understanding, respect and appreciation.

At the closing ceremony, CNODDT Dance Drama Troupe presented Han and Tang Dynasty’s dance Picking the Osmund. In Picking the Osmund from Lesser Court Hymns of the Classic of Poetry, Confucius included such verses “Osmund pickers witness osmund’s sprouting, growth and withering from spring to autumn, missing their family members are still in military service for years.” In the performance, dancers fully revealed the ancient cultural essence of the Chinese nation with affectionate dance movements, which shocked ASEAN friends. By performing dance Jasmine, they also brought the fragrance and affection of a riverside town and the sceneries of South China to ASEAN, so as to show our excellent national culture to them.

The performance aims to promote artistic exchanges and spread our excellent national culture. As a leader of the excellent Chinese national culture, CNODDT has been devoted to inheriting and spreading our excellent national culture, bringing the ancient thoughts of sages, the innovative national culture and the essence of the Chinese civilization to all countries around the world and let our excellent national culture shine on the world’s stage.