CNODDT Performs Charm of the Seasons at Broadway

The 1st Sino-America International Teenager Cultural Festival, sponsored by Sino-American Friendship Association and Sino-American Culture and Arts Foundation, opened at Broadway, New York, the U.S., on August 3, 2014. At the opening ceremony, China National Opera and Dance Drama Theatre (CNODDT) Dance Drama Troupe presented a large song and dance party Charm of the Seasons, which is CNODDT’s classic performance. Since its premiere performance of Charm of the Seasons in September 2006, the artists have performed it for nearly 1,000 times at home and abroad. They have also performed it in Korea during former Premier Wen Jiabao’s visit to Korea and for members of the Politburo Standing Committee of the CPC Central Committee at CPPCC’s tea party, thus getting high praise from Party and state leaders. In Charm of the Seasons, the artists performed graceful songs and dances representing “summer, autumn, winter and spring” within two hours and integrated songs and dances of different times and different styles with ethnic instrumental music and primitive ecological ritual music. At the performance of Charm of the Seasons in the U.S., artists performed large dances Flying Snowflakes, Drunken Concubine and Jasmine; CNODDT’s baritone Gao Peng and soloist Chen Xiaoduo song classic songs, e.g. Secret Garden and Phantom of the Opera. All of these wonderful performances will inevitably popularize Chinese elements at Broadway. Let’s look forward to the “Evening of Chinese Culture” on August 3 together.