女子舞蹈 彩陶俑

Coloured pottery flourish

The inspiration of the dance was drawn from the unearthed relic of the Han Dynasty: Coloured pottery figures of ladies. The pottery figures precisely depict the elegant vitality of Han Chinese women. The costume design imitates the appearance of the pottery figures as far as possible, and it has made every single design different to another. The dance with light and quick rhythm provides the authentic taste of traditional Chinese culture via both auditory and visual ways.


俏江南 South beauty

The history-honored south China is heightened by its balmy climate and splendid culture. It is the basin of Chinese civilization and home of charming ladies. The typical image of south China is that a young lady slowly and softly walks down an old lonely road with an umbrella in her hand. The misty rain has blurred the fine distant view, a stream meandered down to the river, one can only hear one’s footsteps in such peaceful picture.

The hem of cheongsam whirls in the wind, sending off fragrance in your dreams.


Spirit of Water 水之灵

The dances of Dai ethnic groups are characterized by demonstrating the women’s beautiful bodylines, which requires the dancers have perfect body proportions. Original taste of Dai Dance has been maintained in the dance, besides, the elements of modern dances also infuse the dance with unique charms. Being assisted with the fabulous lighting, the stage is as beautiful as fairyland.


Long-drum dance

Long-drum dance is a type of typical folk dance that is popular among the Korean ethnic group in China. The dance features the rhythmic drumbeat through out the music and

Dancers dance while beating the drum strapped to their bodies. This conservative, traditional folk dance sheds light on the true nature of the Korean aesthetic.