China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater

Confucius - the Large-scale Original Ethnic Dance Drama of China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater debuted in Sydney

On the evening of November 18 (local time) when Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping attended the G20 Summit in Austria, Confucius - the large-scale original ethnic dance drama produced by China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater with its all strength debuted at Sydney State Theatre. As the opening show of Austria-China Cultural Festival 2014, the dance drama Confucius highlighted the G20 summit and the Sydney theatrical stage with bright oriental color and strong flavor of Chinese culture.

Nearly 60 dancers from China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater presented Confucius's life, human feelings, spiritual quality and wisdom with their powerful music rhythm, gorgeous classical costumes, strong visual screen, magnificent setting and beautiful choreography.

Performers in the high spirits during journey

Orderly rehearsal

Well-dressed performers at the background

Onsite photos

As the excellent works of China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater, dances in the drama were wonderful and full of surprises. Existing "Zhiyu dance", elegant "Xunxiang dance", classic "Plucking Wei dance", graceful "Yuren dance" caught the audiences' eyes and moved their heart. Today when Confucius and Confucianism revive in China and the World, the dance drama Confucius came out amazingly and its debut in Australia undoubtedly has profound and rich historical significance.

Existing "Zhiyu dance"

Elegant "Xunxiang dance"

Classic "Plucking Wei dance"

Graceful "Yuren dance"

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