China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater

Introduction of CNODDT Opera Troupe

The opera troupe of Chinese National Opera and Dance Drama Theater was founded in 1951. Since the beginning, inheriting and developing Chinese national opera has always been their responsibility. Profound history and strong artistic atmosphere here provides opportunities to a group of famous artists, such as Ms. GUO Lanying, Mr. WU Yanze and Mr. LIU Shiming, to show their talent. In recent years, with a series of masterpieces released, the opera troupe has been granted with a number of national art awards such as "Wenhua Great Award", “Plum Performance Award” and “National Stage Art Exquisite Project”.

Being devoted to national opera creating, inheriting and innovation in the past 60 glorious years, the opera troupe not only has become the cradle of Chinese national opera, but also has been promoting and leading its positive development. As a result, a number of classics of Chinese national opera have been produced such as “White Hair Woman”, “Xiao Eehei's Marriage”, “Injustice to Dou E”, “Star light Ah Star Light”, “Gulandanmu”, “Passing Away”, “The Wilderness”, “Yang Kwei Fei”, “Ba Nu Tou Jiang”, “Song of Youth”, “Red River Valley”, etc. The opera troupe also learns and spreads world-wide classics of multiple art categories such as opera, musical, Chorus concert, dance party, etc. For example, they successively released and performed world classic operas “The lady of Camellias”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “Turandot”, “Aida”, “Lucia di Lammermoor” and “Tosca”; musicals “Mulan”, “Jasmine”, “Jiao Yulu”, etc; Chorus concerts “The Yellow River Cantata”, “Women Warriors of the Yang Family”, Beethoven's Ninth Symphony “Song of Joy”, “Mahler No.8”, “Mahler No.2”, “Mahler No.3”, etc.

Benefited from the diversified development, the opera troupe has blazed a broader artistic path and opened up its international perspective. The opera troupe’s artistic level and professional ability was also demonstrated in the process. Now it has become the leader in the field of Chinese national opera, playing the guiding role that a national group should be and receiving warm welcome from audience from all classes.

The opera troupe used to visit America, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Canada, New Zealand, France, Spain, Australia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Azerbaijan and Barbados for international artistic exchange. During the visit, acclaim from local audience followed all the way due to artists’ excellent performance. It’s just like an artistic window, opening not only for showing Chinese national art, but also for cultural exchange between China and the world. 

Responding to the call of the times and living up to the people’s expectations has always been the pursuit of Chinese National Opera and Dance Drama Theater. As the practitioner of the contemporary opera spirit, the opera troupe keeps improving itself in this great age. Adhering to the faith of “seizing the opportunity, taking advantage of the situation, carrying forward Chinese spirit and spreading the voice of China by telling good stories”, the opera troupe will certainly create more art works with high national and epochal significance and contribute to the development of Chinese national opera.