China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater

Xu Liqiao

Xu Liqiao is the primary art director, member of China Democracy Promoting Association, Deputy Dean of Democracy Promoting Central Committee of Culture and Art and member of CPC Online Culture Building Experts Committee of Ministry of Culture. She started to work in 1975 and served as a performer for Wuhan Military Region Shengli Song and Dance Troupe and Chengdu Military Region Zhanqi Song and Dance Troupe, Deputy Director of Art Division, Culture Department of Sichuan Province, Commander of Singer Troupe of Sichuan Province, Commander Assistant of China Oriental Performing Arts Group, Chairman of Beijing Oriental New Feel Audio-Visual Press, Vice Chairman of Zhongge Faculty of Arts in Guangdong Ocean University, Commander of China Oriental Performing Arts Group and Vice President of Group Supervisory Board. She served as CPPCC member of Sichuan Province for 9 terms, Vice Chairman of Dancer Association of Sichuan Province, Vice Chairman of Singer Association of Sichuan, Vice President of Dongcheng District Culture Federation, Beijing, member of CPPCC of Beijing, etc. and now serves as Vice President of China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater.