China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater

Department of Play Creation

The Department of Play Creation of China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater is a functional department that produces and rehearses art works and manages art archives. It’s responsible for the topic selection, assessment, proposal & application, budgeting, crew setup and planning for the theater’s original operas and dance dramas as well as coordinating production among various departments, supervising and assessing art quality, launching media promotion and organizing and synthesizing dress rehearsals and premieres. Meanwhile, it’s responsible for collecting, sorting, filing and keeping the theater’s art archives and processing the documents into electronic ones, and compiling and publishing the History of China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater.

The Department of Play Creation consists of more than 30 playwrights, directors, playwright-directors, composers, conductors and stage designers with senior and vice-senior professional titles. Since the founding of the theater, it has created a big number of reputable Chinese operas, such as The White-haired Girl, Xiao Eehei's Marriage, The Injustice to Dou E, Liu Hulan, The Regret for the Past and Wildness, as well as dance dramas including Lotus Lamp, Leifeng Tower, Princess Wencheng, The Sword, The Dream of Red Chamber, The Dancing Girl of Tongque Platform and The Shadow of Fence. In recent years, it has successively launched original plays including the dance drama Nanjing 1937, the opera and dance drama In That Place Wholly Faraway, the opera Red River Valley, the dance drama Confucius, the opera Swan, the dance drama When We Were Young and the scene drama Charm of the Seasons. In particular, the dance drama Nanjing 1937 was honored the Five One-Good-Work Project Award; The operas Wildness and Red River Valley respectively won the 9th and 10th Wenhua Award, and several other plays were honored by the Ministry of Culture the Excellent Play Award.

With the spirit of Xi Jinping’s speech at the literature and art meeting as the guideline, the Department of Play Creation will center on China dream, prioritize the cultural works with profound thought, exquisite art and popularity among the masses, adhere to the principles of getting close to real life and the people and work to create the premium art works that meet the spirit of the time, reflect the Chinese culture and show the new look of the people. It will be a long-term strategic goal for the theater’s art creation to be based on the contemporary age, inherit traditional Chinese culture and carry forward the patriotic spirit. Meanwhile, the Department of Play Creation will vigorously respond to the call of the Publicity Department of the CPC for “taking root in grassroots, provide further art-related assistance to local areas and strengthen cooperation with local art troupes to create premium plays and train art talents, and launch public welfare-oriented touring performances of excellent plays to spread refined art, enrich the people’s spiritual life and let the cultural fruits of national art troupes shared by more people.

Director: Sun Mingdi

Deputy Directors: Xia Guangxing, Zhang Yong