China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater

Performance Center

As a major functional department affiliated to China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater, the Performance Center (The former Department of Performance Management is hereinafter called as the Performance Center) is engaged to performance brokerage both at home and abroad, performance planning and operation, planning and organization of large-scale activities and some other cultural undertakings. Relying on China National Opera & Dance Drama, the Performance Center boasts a number of professionals with years of experience in music, cultural communication, performance making and planning. With harmonious leader-member relations, excellent professional quality, first-class equipment and the goal to be the first, the Performance Center features a pioneering spirit, a sense of the time, powerful creativity and competitiveness and unlimited development potential. It’s responsible for the performances of all the plays of the theater, and has long-term sound and honest cooperation with many famous singers in Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan as well as art performance groups, performance institutions, performance venues, performance makers, performance operators, performance art companies and agents, news media and enterprises & public institutions both at home and abroad. It has developed complete networks for the performance business, and grown into an entity that serves the public, offers performance brokerage services, spread art and promote enterprises. Besides independently planning and organizing large-scale variety shows, art festivals, festival celebrations and some other culture-related activities, it can also organize program creation, music creation & making, art education and guidance and professional judging. Over the past years since its launch, the Performance Center has not only successfully coordinated the creation and rehearsal of operas, dance dramas and song & dance dramas, but also helped completion of the performances for the visit of foreign state heads (such as the US president George Walker Bush) to China, the performance to mark the 10th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to motherland, the large-scale scene drama Charm of the Seasons that’s performed as part of Premier Wen Jiabao’s visit to South Korea, the performance for 2008 Boao Forum, the activity to receive 91 state heads after the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics, 2012 Spring Festival Evening Party for foreign diplomats to China and the excellent play exhibition by national troupes.

Director: Li Lan

Deputy Director: Fan Ming

Tel: 010-597520 11/12/13/15/63

Address: No.23, Nansanhuan Donglu, Fengtai District, Beijing

Postcode: 100078