China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater

Department of Large-scale Performance Projects

Relying on the theater’s professional teams in diverse art disciplines, complete art and stage equipment and scientific management systems, it reaches strategic cooperation with various types of national art performance groups and artist associations, famous Chinese artists, singers, directors, creators and designers, as well as TV stations, radio stations, print and online media, and establishes platforms for interactions of social information. Business scope: It’s dedicated to organizing and undertaking domestic and international large-scale performances of various kinds, undertaking large-scale stage design of various kinds as well as lighting & music, multi-media and stage engineering, implementing and promoting art performance plans both at home and abroad, providing comprehensive solutions to large-scale performances, and offering quality and professional programs needed for performances and art activities as well as music and play creation and making. It’s devoted to planning, creating and making large-scale operas, dance dramas, music dramas, vocal concert, variety shows and concerts, and investing in and raising funds for cooperation channels. It’s also committed to organizing large-scale public welfare activities and developing and operating the products related to culture and art.

Department of Large-scale Performance Projects:

Director: He Qiusheng

Office: 010—59752106

Mobile phone: 13621822202


Deputy Director: Li Changping

Office: 010—59752061

Mobile phone: 13801237969