China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater

Grade Examination Committee

China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater is a State-level art theater under the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China. It integrates diverse art categories and has art divisions including the Opera Troupe, Dance Drama Troupe, Chinese Music Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra and Department of Stage Design. It has launched visiting performances in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Latin America several times, contributing to the international cultural exchanges and the friendship between China and the rest of the world, and earning China a high reputation. Relying on the competitive resources as a theater directly under the central government and approved by the Ministry of Culture, it set up the Social Grade Examination Committee in April 2003, which is the first organization that organizes cross-provincial level tests among theaters directly under the central government and the only comprehensive and authoritative art level certification organization set up by a theater directly under the central government. The Grade Examination Committee boasts systematic and standard teaching materials, rigorous teaching & training plans, scientific level test systems and senior examiners in all the disciplines, and has developed a complete art assessment system for groups in different disciplines and at different levels.

With the aim to carry forward Chinese culture, develop China’s culture & art undertakings, popularize art education and improve the cultural quality of the entire nation and based on the characteristics of the theater, it has always made popularization and pragmatism as the principle, comprehensive performance as the criteria and standardization and improvement as the purpose, so as to meet social demand. The Grade Examination Committee sends senior experts and examiners with rich performing and teaching experience in a centralized manner to all the undertaking organizations across the country to assess candidates, in a bid to make the art level certification in music, dance and recitation more specialized, authoritative and equitable.

To help more young art lovers stand out, the Grade Examination Committee offers a platform for fair competition and a ladder to success, enabling prospective artists to broaden their horizons and draw on other’s strengths and encouraging them to take the path to art. The outstanding talents in the art level tests can join in excellent play performances of the theater and work for the theater. This is the unique benefit offered by the theater’s art level tests.

To support the art level tests and constantly improve the test quality and art level, the Grade Examination Committee puts equal emphasis on teaching quality and candidates’ quality, and regularly organizes trainings by senior experts and examiners as well as academic exchanges, demonstrations and performances for test teachers, so as to enhance their teaching ability, help them familiar with the contents of art level tests and ways of teaching and regulate the process for art level tests. Over the past decade since its setup, the Grade Examination Committee has held more than 100 sessions of teachers’ trainings of various kinds throughout the country. Many trained teachers have been active in art teaching, with the students having excellent performances in various types of national competitions and being active on the art stages across China.

All the artists and art workers of the Grade Examination Committee will give full play to the demonstration role of the theater as one directly under the central government in China’s art field, and serve nationwide art level test organizations with a sense of humility, responsibility and urgency. It will work with the art educators and workers across the country and contribute to China’s art undertakings.

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