China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater

Introduction of CNODDT Dance Drama Troupe

China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater (CNODDT) Dance Drama Troupe is the only national-level Chinese dance drama troupe in China. Over the past six decades since its founding, it has gathered the most powerful and renowned Chinese dancers, including veteran dance artist like Chen Ailian and young dance artists such as Ye Jianping, Shan Chong, Yang Yi, Tang Shiyi and Hu Yang. After the concerted efforts and innovations of generations of artists, it has created a large number of excellent dance dramas and formed a unique style of Chinese dances.

During creating Chinese dances, CNODDT Dance Drama Troupe has absorbed the essence of classical Chinese dances and local opera dances, created a series of excellent classic Chinese dances, e.g. The Lotus Lamp, Princess Wencheng, The Dream of Red Chamber, The Dancing Girl of Tongque Platform, The Sword, The Sunset Glow, Sacrifice of Youth, Leifeng Tower, Xu Fu, The Shadow of Fence, The Dagger Society and The Raging Congo River and given their premiere performances. Furthermore, it has participated in large song and dance epics, like The East is Red, Song of the Chinese Revolution, The Ode to Motherland and The Ode to The Return. They have got wide attentions and praises from the art circle and all over the world and laid a foundation for the Chinese dance drama theory.

In recent years, CNODDT Dance Drama Troupe has created large dance dramas Nanjing 1937, The Peerless Beauty, Confucius and When We Were Young, song and dance dramas Hua Mulan and In That Place Wholly Faraway and large original song and dance evening party Colorful China, Charm of the Seasons, Golden Dance and Silver Songs, Irrepressible Charm, Purple Clouds, Continental Charm, Wishes from Heaven, Carnival on the Road, New Illusion, Portrait of Four Beauties and Hometown In Dream. Furthermore, it has visited tens of countries, including Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Korea, Belarus, North Korea, Canada, the U.S., Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Italy, UAE, Austria, France, Vienna and Indonesia, for cultural exchanges and won wide praises and favors from people all over the world. Currently, CNODDT Dance Drama Troupe is fostering and forging a new generation of excellent dance drama performers with a unique Chinese dance drama teaching program. By rehearsing many dance drama clips and creating new Chinese dance dramas, it writes a new chapter for the Chinese dance drama undertaking.