China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater

Introduction of CNODDT Symphony Orchestra

China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater (CNODDT) Symphony Orchestra is a national-level professional symphony orchestra affiliated to CNODDT as well as one of symphony orchestras with the longest history in China. With nearly 100 experienced old performers, skillful middle-aged ones and vigorous young ones, CNODDT Symphony Orchestra becomes increasingly energetic, enthusiastic and steady, with a broad vocal range. In fact, it has got wide praises from audiences and professionals in the industry and made a great contribution to the promotion and popularization of symphony. Because our performances have been very popular among audiences, CNODDT Symphony Orchestra becomes one of famous orchestras with the largest number of performances in China.

In recent years, CNODDT Symphony Orchestra has been active on the international art stage and successively cooperated with many world-class conductors, e.g. Seiji Ozawa, Chung Myung-Whun, Li Biao, Lv Jia and Li Xincao, and international master musicians like Tian Haojiang, Yang Guang, Warren Wah-Yeun Mok, Wei Song, Dai Yuqiang, Liao Changyong, Huang Ying, Lv Siqing and Chen Sa in performance. With mature performance skills, it has cooperated with Italian master vocalist Pier Miranda Ferraro to perform Italy operas Madame Butterfly, Tosca, La Boheme, La Traviata and Lucia Di Liammermoorr.

CNODDT Symphony Orchestra has presented performances in many countries and regions, including Japan, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, European countries and South Pacific. In particular, in 2002, it visited Japan and successfully performed new Chinese opera Cross the East Sea in cooperation with Chinese artists living in Japan in four Japanese cities, which caused a sensation and won unanimous praises from Japanese audiences. Famous conductor Seiji Ozawa praised CNODDT Symphony Orchestra as an experienced, energetic and skillful orchestra. Moreover, CNODDT Symphony Orchestra has also visited Australia, making a performance at Sydney Opera House and winning warm praises from Sydney mayor Clover Moore.

Over the decades, CNODDT Symphony Orchestra has made outstanding contributions to the development of China’s opera and dance drama undertaking, as evidenced by its music performances for representative Chinese national operas The White-Haired Girl, Xiao Erhei's Marriage, Long March, Liu Hulan and The Regret for the Past, Chinese classics in the 20th century, e.g. Wilderness and Red River Valley and national dance operas Princess Wencheng, Lotus Lamp, The Fish Beauty, Leifeng Tower and The Sword.

In recent years, to spread comprehensible symphony and get supports from common people, CNODDT Symphony Orchestra has also rehearsed various forms of easy-to-understand symphony concerts, e.g. Classic Waltz Concert, Classic Overture Concert, Classic Opera Clip Appreciation Concert and POPS.

Nowadays, against the backdrop of cultural prosperity, under the concerted efforts of numerous artists and performers, CNODDT Symphony Orchestra will present better music to all audiences devoted to music and usher China’s symphonies to a new era.