China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater

The Opera & Dance Drama Jasmine

The opera Jasmine tells a story of how Jasmine, the adopted daughter of the owner of a tea garden who was beautiful and kind, pursued her true love. The playwright, lyrics writer and general director were Zheng Tianwei (specially invited); The composer was Guo Sida (specially invited); The deputy director was Meng Bin (specially invited); The dance director was Wu Qingdong, the choreographers were Tang Na and Li Ming, and the dance music was created by Wen Bin (specially invited). The assistant director and script holder was Yang Shuo. The stage designers were Wang Xingang, Shen Ao and Meng Bin (specially invited). The opera was created by China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater, and was publicly performed at Beijing Poly Theater on December 13, 2007.