China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater

Coming to Antigua, Chinese dance and drama performances

The China National Opera and Dance Drama Theatre will be making a stop for two nights of performance, in Antigua, at the end of its three- island Caribbean tour

President of the local Chinese Association Yucheng Li said the performances being staged at the Dean Williams Lake Cultural Centre on February 15 and 16 will be a display of a different aspect of Chinese culture.

“Everybody knows about Chinese Kung fu and the food, so this is a different side of China and the things we do there. People should come out and see what Chinese culture is about,” Yucheng told OBSERVER media.

Twenty-two performers will be arriving here a day before their performance and Yucheng said the group, from Beijing, is considered one of the highest level of performers, representing China.

The opera and dance drama theatre will be hosted by the Chinese Embassy.

Antigua is the last stop following performances in Grenada and Barbados.

The theatre was established in 1950 and has two troupes – opera and dancing drama.

The theatre has staged 100 well-known operas such as White Haired Girl, Story of thePagoda Tree, Die in Grief and Champaign, as well as dance dramas such as Princess Wrenching and Dreaming of Red Mansions.

our performances have been well received by audiences abroad and in China