China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater

CNODDT President Tao Cheng’address before the performance of Central and eastern European countries cultural cooperation forum


Honorable Ministers, special guests, ladies and gentlemen,

Good evening.

On the occasion of the opening of “The 2nd Forum on Cultural Cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries” in Sofia, the China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater proudly present, the dance drama Confucius , which is endorsed by the Chinese Ministry of Culture and produced independently by our Theatre. 

  As a master philosopher, educator and founder of Confucianism, Confucius represents the most notable Chinese intellectual traditions. He advocated benevolence, kindness, self-discipline, a social order based on morality and ethics, equality and harmony in social life, all being the essential philosophies of the Chinese culture. Today, these ideas are still dearly cherished and highly recognized as the gems of the ancient Chinese civilization.

Dance drama Confucius tells the story of Confucius and reveals his mentality, and presents his journeys to preach his philosophies around the ancient states of China 2,000 years ago. The drama combines the cultural elements of various historical periods of China from the 2nd century B.C. To 10th century A.D., and features the traditional Chinese dance to relive the image of a lifelike Confucius, to illustrate this great man as a lively, dynamic and enthusiastic cultural promoter and teacher.

I hope you enjoy the show and have a wonderful evening. Thank you very much.