The Dance Drama Nanjing 1937

With Nanjing Massacre as the background, the dance drama Nanjing 1937 tells a story of the famous overseas Chinese female scholar Zhang Chunru who found the diary of Minnie Vantrin and then stepped in a long and arduous journey. It revealed the savage acts of Japanese soldiers. The play designer was Bai Ting; The history consultant was Zhu Chengshan, and the literature consultant was Zheng Tianwei; The playwright was Tong Ruirui and Bai Ting; The composer was Zhou Hang, and the general director was Tong Ruirui. It was created by China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater and fist performed in Beijing in 2005. It won the silver award for works and the bronze award for performance as part of the 5th China Dance Lotus Award in 2005. It won the Excellent Drama Award as part of the Five One-Good-Work Project for the 10th spiritual civilization construction released by the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee in 2007.