China National Opera and Dance Drama Theater

 China National Opera and Dance Drama Theater, which is directly affiliated to the central government, is the largest state-level theater with the longest history in China. Within the theater there are opera troupe, dance drama troupe, folk music troupe, symphony orchestra, stage designing department, creation studio and performance department, etc. The predecessor of theater is Yan’an Lu Xun College of Art. In March 1964, upon approval of the State Council, “China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater” began to be organized with Ma Ke as president and this name has remained unchanged ever since. 


In addition to a group of famous artists such as Ms. GUO Lanying(People's Artist), Mr. QIAO Yu, Ms. ZHAO Qing,Mr. LIU Wenjin, Ms. CHEN Ailian, Mr. WU Yanze, Mr. LIU Shiming and Ms. SHAN Chong, the theater has a large number of outstanding young and middle-aged artists who are loved by the audience. Over half of the century, the theater has performed more than one hundred operas and dance dramas, among which the first national opera of China White Haired Girl, the first national dance drama of China Lotus Lantern, andthe first Comedy Opera Peasant Takes a Wife, Shang Shi(Opera), Yuan Ye(Opera), Dream of Red Mansions(Dance Drama), Dancing Girl of Tongque Platform(Dance Drama) Princess Wencheng(Dance Drama)have become epochal works of art in the history of Chinese opera and a model of theatrical arts. Chinese national leaders and many foreign heads have enjoyed the performances and given high praises.


Based on glorious history, the theater adheres to the concept of inheritance and innovation. In recent years, the theater has produced a series of new masterpieces, such as Red River Valley (Opera), Xing Hai(Opera), Horn(Opera), Lin Huiyin(Opera), Liu Sanjie(Opera), Confucius (Dance Drama), When We were Young(Dance Drama), Chinese Orphan(Dance Drama), Princess Zhaojun (Dance Drama), Li Bai(Dance Drama), Charm of the Seasons, Wishes from Heaven, Silk Road Symphony, Synopsis of Ethnic Concert ational Treasures. At the invitation of a good many countries. the theater has frequently presented its performance to audience around the world, The theater has been invited to many countries in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Oceania to conduct performances, which helps not only to promote the international cultural exchanges but also strengthen the friendship between Chinese people and the rest of the world.


With its classical stage performance, masterful arts and first-class artists, the theater has won wide recognition and appreciation both domestically and worldwide.