Chinese music, opera, dance take center stage at online arts season

Join us for a free online arts season featuring traditional Chinese music, modern Chinese opera and dance drama from Jan 29 to mid-March.


"Dancing China - Online Modern Opera and Dance Drama Season" will bring four livestreamed performances on Youtube and Facebook, covering the dance dramas "Confucius" and "Li Bai", and two orchestral concerts of classical Chinese music. 


The dance drama "Confucius" unfolds the journey of the ancient Chinese philosopher and educator Confucius. In 497 BC, Confucius left the state of Lu, starting his 14-year tour around other states to promote his philosophical ideas. It's a journey where dreams go unfulfilled.


The dance drama Li Bai will revolve around the life of the eponymous Chinese poet, who lived in the golden days of the Tang Dynasty (618-907). It will disclose the ups and downs of his life and reveal how he remained unrestrained and romantic in creating poetry.


Also on show will be New Year Gala: Ode to Spring and Melodies of Spring: Concert of Chinese Music that celebrate the upcoming lunar New Year of the Ox.


The performances will be given by artists from the China National Opera and Dance Drama Theater, a State-level theater directly under the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism. With artistic categories including Chinese modern opera, dance drama and traditional Chinese orchestral music, the theater represents the highest performance level of stage art in China. #DancingChina #TraditionalChinesedance #Chinesemusic


Watch LIVE: